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Main Street Theater (MST) has been a mainstay of Houston’s theater scene for over 40 years. A fully professional company, MST performs in 2 spaces: its newly renovated home in Rice Village and the city’s new MATCH facility (Midtown Arts & Theatre Center Houston). The robust theater activity in Houston has attracted and maintained a pool of professional actors, designers and directors that is as talented, creative, and highly motivated as any in the country, and we are deeply committed to nurturing these artists. Drawing from this talent pool, MST has acquired a reputation for high-quality productions of a unique repertory at both the MainStage and and Theater for Youth. The MainStage (for adults in Rice Village) is MST’s flagship program and gains local and national media attention and audiences. The MainStage is committed to featuring new works (including numerous world premieres), rediscovered classics, and works by female playwrights, offering theater lovers a chance to see plays they cannot see anywhere else. MST strives to connect with audiences in as many ways as possible, and the Part of the Art Series offers opportunities to engage with the plays and the artists in a variety of ways. Fall 2016 the MainStage is presenting the regional premiere of Lauren Gunderson’s play The Revolutionists, a whirling fantasia of a tale about four fiery, renegade women whose lives collide during the French Revolution. Part whirling fantasia, part irreverent comedy, The Revolutionists is the tale of playwright Olympe de Gouges, Jean-Paul Marat’s assassin Charlotte Corday, activist Marianne Angelle, and former queen Marie Antoinette who fight for Liberté, Egalité…Sororité! Following The Revolutionists is the 2-part dramatic event, Wolf Hall, based on the popular novels by Hilary Mantel. Main Street’s production marks the first U.S. production of Wolf Hall outside of Broadway. This dramatic event features two exceptional plays set in the court of Henry VIII and adapted from Hilary Mantel’s novels. In Part One (Wolf Hall), the court of Henry VIII is in utter upheaval as the King rages over his lack of a male heir. The shrewd and ambitious Thomas Cromwell inserts himself into the political scene to help the king pursue his passion for Anne Boleyn and secure an annulment from Katherine of Aragon. Part Two (Bring Up the Bodies) charts Anne’s downfall, the rise of Jane Seymour, and Cromwell’s alliances with his greatest enemies. Featuring a cast of 23, Parts One and Two will run in repertory. MST’s Theater for Youth program (performed by adults for families in Midtown Houston) pro-duces plays based on children’s literature for families and school groups and reaches over 130,000 audi-ence members yearly. In March of 2016, American Theatre Magazine, the national theater magazine pub-lished by Theatre Communications Group, named Main Street Theater one of the top 20 theaters in the United States for Theater for Youth programming. No other theater in Houston was named. Fall 2016 the Theater for Youth will present Duck for President and Fancy Nancy Spleniferous Christmas. Both delight-ful, family-friendly musicals based on the beloved children’s books by Doreen Cronin and Jane O’Connor (respectively). Ages 3 & up. MST has created a strong arts education and integration program that is recognized throughout the area as a valuable resource for schools. MST tailors its programs to the schools’ specific needs, whether it be continuing education for teachers, after-school programs for youth, in-school programs for schools that have no arts faculty, or even using theater to teach core subjects such as physics and math. Because of tis intimate performance style, MST staff members are able to interact more personally with their constituents and meet them where they are: in terms of the kinds of programming they seek, in the flexibility of MST’s education programs, in making its productions accessible to people of all socio-economic levels, and in the numerous ways MST is able to engage with its constituents at the one-on-one level. MST provides free and discounted tickets to over 40,000 underserved schoolchildren each year, a free book club for children, free tickets to veterans, deeply discounted tickets to students, seniors, young adults, $10 preview tickets and free events through our MainStage so that as many people as want to can be part of a theatrical experience at MST. MST offer scholarships in its Education Department and often provides free programming for schools and libraries that are unable to pay but need the theater’s services. MST encourages its constituents to ask questions about the plays and be part of an ongoing dialogue. MST has always been in the business of planting ideas. In a world starving for human connection, MST creates a space where people can experience suffering and joy, rediscover childhood dreams and explore a life outside their own. Audiences share a moment in time with the artists that will never be repeated. MST also provides children with the opportunity to build confidence, creativity, and collaboration. Most importantly, patrons leave with a sense of wonder, a newfound curiosity, and a belief in new possibilities, and that’s what brings them back.

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