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Arnaldo Richards, was raised in Monterrey, Mexico and is a third-generation restaurateur. His culinary career began at the age of 14, cooking in his family’s restaurant, learning his grandmother’s authentic Mexican recipes. Picos represents a celebration of the culinary riches that can be found throughout the seven regions of Mexican cuisine. Grilled meat dominates the North, along with the widest varieties of cheeses in Mexico. Based primarily on Mayan food with corn as the basic staple. Achiote is a main spice used. Central Mexico: Corn dominates along with fresh, dried and smoked chilies. A strong French baking influence. South Pacific Coast: Oaxacan cuisine is popular for its mole, and in Chiapas, the chilies are among Mexico’s most fiery. Cactus is part of the Bajio daily diet. A large Indian influence found with street vendors. Northern Pacific Coast: Noted for pozole, menudo and pork dishes. Jalisco is known for its tequila production. The Gulf: Strong Afro-Cuban and Spanish influence. Seafood, corn dishes, and tropical fruits dominate. Corn dominates along with fresh, dried and smoked chilies. A strong French baking influence.

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3601 Kirby Dr
Houston, Texas 77098
United States

River Oaks area

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  • Arnaldo Richards and his wife, Janice, opened their first two restaurants in Bellaire, TX, in the 1980s.
  • Their newest restaurant, Picos, on Kirby Drive, offers a unique menu of authentic Mexican creations that capture the true tastes of Mexico.
  • Arnaldo Richards is a third-generation restaurateur. Raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Arnaldo began his culinary career working in his family’s restaurants. By his 14th birthday, he’d begun cooking in restaurant kitchens, learning his grandmother’s authentic Mexican recipes. Some of those same classic recipes, with their distinct flavors, sauces and spices, are still being applied to many of Arnaldo’s signature dishes at Picos.


Monday – Thursday: 11am ’til 10pm Friday: 11am ’til 11pm Saturday: 9am ’til 11pm Sunday Breakfast: 9am ’til 3pm Sunday Brunch: 10:30am ’til 3pm Sunday: 3pm ’til 9 pm

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